Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

welcome to Homebrew Website Club - this is the first one at Mozilla since the Indieweb Summit

This weekend we're going to change the main url from indiewebcamp.com to indieweb.org

we discussed this on the wiki at http://indiewebcamp.com/rename_to_IndieWeb and how to move the chat logs

we're plannign on splitting the channels to indieweb, indieweb-dev and indieweb-chat

Dmitri Shuralyov:

I discovered indieweb a week ago, and the values and motivations were thinking along the same lines

I found indieweb through someone's personal website.

I used to make games to inspire people but now I make tools instead

I like simplicity and correctness - I was using C++ up until a couple of years ago, but now I'm using go alone

my website is at https://dmitri.shuralyov.com and is pretty basic, but I have a lot of go-based projects in github

so I wanted to make the github issue tracker for myself

Shane Becker:

During quiet writing hour I wrote that my girlfriend and I decided to live in SF for the summer

we base our wiki profiles on URLs at the moment, and it it a mess - the wiki is not good at structured data

@gregorlove made an infobox for users to use in the wiki, but it is dtll a ness

Tantek Çelik:

ythis kind of grew organicall

Shane Becker:

so we adopted the sparlkine template model, but that means we end up wiht a DRY problem

if you go to http://h-card-as-a-service.herokuapp.com/ you can fill in your site and get an h-card back

as well as names we can specify pronouns so people can be addressed correctly by Loqi

I think editing a form is easier than filling in a wiki page

this link http://h-card-as-a-service.herokuapp.com/chat-people is a replacement for the name lookup that we use for irc now

we need to work on making authorship work rather than just first h-card on the page eg kevinmarks.com

Dmitri Shuralyov:

I got github issues working on my own site: http://gotools.org:34601/github.com/gorilla/mux/issues/174

then I wrote an adaptor to turn my blog dump into the issue tracker interface

rather than build my own user registration system I enables github login for comments

my blog is at https://dmitri.shuralyov.com/blog and you can comment there with github logins

and I added emoji reactions too

after making emoji reactions work I imported LinkedIN data to my blog so you can react to my skills with emoji

after discovering what people are doing with webmentions my next job is for people to own their reactions

if you view source you see that my pages are compiled from go into javascript

ideally I'd render on the backend and show it as HTML too so you can parse it

I publish straight from my projects page to my site

all my personal stuff is open source so you can work on this

Tantek Çelik:

we had the Indieweb summit in portland with about 50 people attending

a couple of days after that we had the w3c SocialWG meeting pushing Micropub and Webmention to CR

2 days after that we had the decentralizedweb.net summit at the internet archive that covered indieweb too

we organised a homebrew website club popup in London, and that is now supposed to be monthly

last week was Open Source Bridge in Portland, and @aaronpk gave a talk on standardizing the social web

and Nuremburg held an Indieweb hack day last week

Kevin Marks:

I've been doing some hacking on Woodwind, Kyle's indie reader

I made the posts and the subscription list use details/summary so they are collapsible

we were given a challenge by Holly Wood @girlziplocked: https://twitter.com/girlziplocked/status/748009724910649348

and I realised that we can do this with indieweb. If you go to http://silo.pub and login with twitter,

you get back a url like https://silo.pub/twitter.com/kevinmarks (with your twitter handle instead of kevinmarks)

if you then go to http://woodwind.xyz and give it that URL, you have a feed reader logged in via twitter

If you go to settings and turn on micropub, you get reply, like and repost buttons under each entry.

so I can reply to things in the feed like this http://tantek.com/2016/182/t1/indieweb-how-to-open-web

and have the tweet show up like this: https://twitter.com/kevinmarks/status/748659899517657093

so @kylewmahan, should we add twitter etc nascar buttons to the woodwind.xyz homepage?

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