Kevin Marks:

Kula Tech - GUI for app creation on mobile. Demo looks like a eBook, but is an app. Has full page apps. Flipboard-esque


Oscar is a custom tablet for your aging parents. Modiifed Android that looks like Windows Phone UX, send pix, reply by voice


an iPad app that you draw a picture and when moving dots cover it it plays a tune. Cute but odd


a mobile app and a thing attached to a retail shelf that gives you money off coupons on your phone when you tap it

ng chun ming:

an IP marketplace experience. Lip service to fighting patent trolls, then a way to buy patents #fixpatents

Just Works:

makes it easy to hire people by dealing with payroll for you with a nice UI for employees and dashboard for employers


P1 is a motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display built-in, running on android. 180 degree rearview camera, maps, music

Pristine is using google glass to video stream for surgery. Though the video quality of the x-ray wasn't good enough

"OK, glass, lets go shopping" then he scans barcodes with his Glass and gets prices in bitcoin. o_O

we chose bitcoin for glasspay because it is frictionless, and no-one else has done it. Google Wallet next

a community directory of people in glass - with facial recognition to look them up?

looks like crunchbase in a mobile app. Yet another public people directory.

megan quinn:

for Glass we're seeing a lot of enterprise apps for hands-free checklist activities, for example on oil rigs

I've met young men who look for women in bars who wear another wrist tracking device, as it signals they're into fitness

because the wrist sensors are so close to the skin, they can pick up more info, like moisture for example

eye tracking sensors are getting better rapidly. @scobleizer: those things are scary - they can tell when I'm drunk

Jolie O'Dell:

Imagine if you could use your phone to open a door [better carry lots of spare batteries]

Hilary Mason:

that we still carry around little bits of metal on a ring is bullshit, so I like the idea of Aptiq mobile

we went with NFC for now because the readers have this. Apple don't support it but you can have a sleeve on your phone.


a way to manage child support payments without talking to your ex-spouse

Sekur Me:

eliminates userids and passwords using QR codes and pins. Because only working when you have 2 network connections is good

"miltary grade security and a bit of our secret sauce that's in our patent" [shall I tell him patents aren't secret?]


it takes 7 companies to buy a $4 latte with a credit card. Instead we can scan a QR code. Or something.

we issue a virtual credit card, without using any existing payment processors. [is this Google Wallet without Google?]

we process all transactions for free - 5% cashback for consumers. [Paypal $5 loss leader redux?]


almost all of you drink old pre-roasted coffee. You should roast your own green beans. We have a machine for you

we filter out the smoke and smell of the roasting so it doesn't fill your kitchen [isn't the smell the point?]

you can scan the QR code [long pause while it doesn't work] well, if the net was fast here...

Bounce Imaging:

A ball filled with cameras that you throw into a room to see whats in there before you burst in with guns


you put sensors under the legs of your bed, and it weighs you while you sleep, and uploads it to our website

here we have a user who has had his DNA scanned, and had a special training plan. He can see how it affects his sleep

Ingrid Vanderveldt:

I was supposed to be the entrepreneur in residence at dell for 6 months, but I've been there 2 years

Keith Teare:

Revolution and death in the valley. The last time that more laptops and desktops were sold than phones and tablets was 2010

our behavior is changing - the software we use on phones is different than from the web

you try for your series A, you don't get funded, you try for an aquihire, then you end up in the bloodbath.

this is the Second Round problem. doesn't matter if the first round was angel or VC, its getting more money again.

the bridge across the valley of death is metrics that show traction

Risk capital has abandoned post seed companies. This is not temporary, it's structural.

Silicon Valley looks like London in 1996 - lots of $15k- $2m, lots of high rounds if you have traction, nothing in the middle

there is a great big hole in funding to be filled. This is an opportunity. Second round capital needs to be created

Ash Fontana:

what AngelList does is do what you can do offline or in person, but puts it on the record for all to see

an investors job is to get a lot of information in and spin it around in a centrifuge to choose the one place you invest

there are so many inefficiencies in funding. AngelList wants to make accrediting better and vet startups and funders

doing an early stage deal is still so different from logging into Schwab and buying a share of Google. Needs to be easier

Nabeel Hyatt:

3 kinds of startups: experiments that failed; some that should go to VC funding; some are small businesses instead

we need to do something with this third category of company, that will be a sensible small business

expected beta and return value in stockmarkets is one thing, startups don't have that

Ash Fontana:

there's a lot between funding a product like kickstarter and doing something VC-like looking for growth. Stratification

I want to see restaurants and non high growth businesses get access to capital in a sensible way too.

Nabeel Hyatt:

now with AngelList you can see all the failures going on in the market - they were invisible before

15 years ago VC was a very blue-blood, in person referral business. Now it's easier to be a faux insider faster

Kickstarter and AngelList are all network effect businesses, so if you spend time on hacking the system you could do well

there is a danger that people will focus on the kickstarter or angellist page and not the product learning

Ash Fontana:

There is a renaissance in innovation - kids coming out of university are ready to take the risk of a startup

we need to make sure every single founder knows that if they have a good idea it can get funded

we see thousands of new companies a week on AngelList and a lot of them are in the place

you have to have more than just an idea. You have to show objectively that you have traction

Nabeel Hyatt:

we see it from our peers where they talk about the momentum A or the A that is the new B

there's no question a lot of our peers are moving earlier, or raising very large funds and being forced to late stage

Ash Fontana:

while the market is dominated by firms with institutional backing, they end up at high end

as it gets more transparent, there will be higher resolution across stages and companies will be able to raise more often

AngelList syndicates doesn't change what has been done, just make it happen more quickly and easy

Nabeel Hyatt:

you're saying if you make it cheaper and faster it doesn't change the texture, really?

Ash Fontana:

As a syndicate, you need to bring people in. If the investment fails, on AngelList it is very obvious

Nabeel Hyatt:

AngelList is moving from a closed system to an open marketplace - it works itself out through human self organisation

Jeremy Stoppelman:

in 2004 we noticed that Craigslist was killing the newspapers classifieds; could we do the same for Yellow Pages?

when we started Yelp, no-one thought that people would review businesses for fun, so we did friend recommendations

We thought Yelp would be about asking friends for recommendations, and make it email viral like paypal had

people tried it, but didn't think it was easier than emailing their friends

buried deeply in the code of Yelp was the ability to write reviews for fun. Some people would go on to write tens of them

I was expecting tech early adopters, but I found urban early adopters instead - people who wanted to find new businesses

the site worked all over the US, but we focused on San Francisco for community building

we felt very strongly that we wanted to build a site where people participated for the fun of it

After SF, we went to Boston, as it was the same size and very wired. LA started growing on its own

bringing in a community manager for each city was key to getting the growth

Yelp reviews are fun - we get made fun of sometimes becasuse they have rich narrative in them

in the past there was a lot of tension between us and google - they know that local is 30% of search

Every year there has been a new google reinvention of the local product- it's been flailing for 8 years

Google struggles with social products. Maybe it's a cultural thing, maybe it comes from the top

in 2008 you didn't want to write a long email on your phone, now we're all used to it is a one-stop shop for organizing weddings in Brazil - soon to come to other countries'

we make a nanotech ink that is water based but is as persistent as toxic inks


we are a publication platform for media people, that sends out to social media to [a POSSE startup?]

every project starts with a whiteboard. The bigger it is the better. Ours is an infinite online whiteboard.


the internet has become a place where people constantly argue over the same issues. but they are all slient lets you express yourself using your voice, no typing needed. You debate in sound, users vote to see who won

We Study In:

Who would like to study abroad? gives you advice from recent students who studied abroad


we can monitor your cycling with .5in precision, as well as forces and power for only $149

Claudia Granda:

when you first start learning English, you think in your native language. Startup translates to 'begin and grow'

Erick Schonfeld:

winner of Demo Gods: Skully, the heads-up motorcycle helmet that @jolieodell is wary of

second winner - Pristine: google glass for surgeons

next winner Shelfbucks - bringin online advertising into retail stores [the coupon scanning app]

next winner Hello Doctor - to let you take control of your health data

final winner: Sigma Guardian for solving manufacturing problems with analytics