Homebrew Website Club

Maf Vosburgh:

I have been fixing up my much-neglected websites for my apps

my first site is killerword.com that lets you cheat at letterpress or scrabble

it's better for letterpress than scrabble, but it can still be useful to know that 'carthorse' is 'orchestra'

Stacey DePolo:

I want to connect this to our domain finder app

Maf Vosburgh:

it's a mac app and an iOS app

my other site is for FlagWaver - my app for flags

My friend graham knows more about flags than anyone else - we have the flag of Oregon which has a beaver on

the site is planetarycode.com - for FlagWaver - the physics code is shared between Mac and iOS


I have a lot of domains - lets try http://deeplearning.ninja

Johannes Ernst:

I haven't done anything to http://upon2020.com/ recently, but never ever write a subscription billing system

I also found that UBOS is UFOs according to Apple

Stacey DePolo:

My site is at http://staceydepolo.com/ and it has rel=me links in now

Kevin Marks:

Last week I showed rel-me detection on my website - this week I have a chrome plug-in at j.mp/indieme

this will show green verified checkmarks for links that have rel="me" backlinks doing distributed verification

The code for the verify-me plugin is at https://github.com/indieweb/verify-me if you want to port it to Firefox

This is using the indiewebify.me backend which verifies the rel="me" backlinks

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