IndieWebCamp UK Demos

Tantek Çelik: I got web actions working on my site - you can retweet a long post and it tweets the short version.

Barnaby Walters: looking at Tantek's site, with webactions toolbelt set up, and it replaces the reply button with one for me

Tantek Çelik: so we have indieweb to indieweb reply working between me and @barnabywalters

Tantek Çelik: by using the referrer URL you can mimic(clone) the UI of the platform you are using Note=tweet and Article=blogpost

Tantek Çelik: if you're syndicating to multiple platforms ( like @benwerd does you) should have a dropdown and clone the platform UI

Aral Balkan: people looking through a twitter feed don't see full indieweb posts - a browser extension can replace the twitter cards

Amber Case: I have p3k framework on my domain, so I login with indieauth, note and syndicate to twitter

Amber Case: don't ever get a romanian domain, they'll yell at you about wire transfers

Amber Case: If the note is too long for twitter I have a full note posting interface that will just send the link to twitter

Boris Smus: I have a menubar attachment on my mac that will let me post to my site from the front window

Boris Smus: I use the title and the direct link for twitter and the body for google plus

Pelle Wessman: I have an endpoint that gets webmentions, if I curl it, it will check and add a webmention to a list

Pelle Wessman: the goal is to present webmentions like Disqus is used today on websites

mime čuvalo: I have a follow bookmarklet to follow people. I can reply to @aaronpk's post in my reader [@aaronpk I received it]

Michał Stefanów: my demo is #commandcontrol - I have too many websites. I want to promote different ones each day

Michał Stefanów: mailpile is a very hot topic -what if they want to promote on my site? I add one line of js to my site. it changes

Seb: I implemented web mention on a static page, receiving mentions from @aaronpk's and Christophe's posts

Brennan Novak: I have a local version of indiewebifyme - finding rel="me" on their sites to check indieauth

Brennan Novak: the next one validates hCard, and the third will check Webmention - this is a validator for indieness

Aaron Parecki: when people implemented webmentions they wanted to parse out microformats. My PHP parser depended on a library

Aaron Parecki: This will simplify the PHP microformats2 parser to only be in a single file

IndieWebCamp UK Notes

Tantek Çelik: some of you may have seen this before: you want control, but to talk to friends in gilded silos

Tantek Çelik: you may have seen this before: you want control, but to talk to friends in gilded silos

Tantek Çelik: you should have your own website - if you don't you're an apprentice, and someone here will help you set one up

Aral Balkan: I have the most manual blogging tool: markdown gets compiled using codekit to make static files that I ftp to my site

Aral Balkan: tools liek Ulysses have helped me focus on my writing, not on the process

Tantek Çelik: I don't even have an interface like @Aral does - I write HTML straight into a flat file editing dates by hand, scp it up

Tantek Çelik: the only UI I have is to make the post into a tweet and tweet that. It also sends a PubSubHubbub notification

Jeremy Keith: my website is a "CMS" I made myself, and it's awful. PHP and MySQL and ancient. I like the non-DB trend.

Jeremy Keith: Generally I don't open comments on my posts - Sturgeon's Law applies. You can post a comment, but can't see others

Jeremy Keith: If you want to write a reply to my blogpost on your site, I'd like that. I hope to get Webmentions working this weekend

Luis Abreu: I've used wordpress but got frustrated. Now I use that uses markdown in a posts folder on dropbox.

Glenn Jones: I used to use wordpress, but I just started this yesterday. My data is stored as HTML.

Glenn Jones: I process microfomats-2 into JSON versions. I have data interfaces that show up automatically

Glenn Jones: the data is on which has a simple data format that creates an API

Amber Case: mediawiki hosts my site. I take screenshots with skitch that posts to flickr and a cronjob pulls them to my site.

Amber Case: between the wiki and the photo site I can get this done, but have protection against a ToS deletion from flickr

Sam Machin: I'm at I hate phone numbers, so go to and it will call me with WebRTC

Sam Machin: when you hit 'call me' it checks foursquare to see which country I'm in to know which phone to call.

Sam Machin: a phone number is more like an IP address. Phone numbers are horrible things, and temporary

Sam Machin: The page can know which time zone I'm in, and switch to voicemail appropriately

Jason Garber: I'm at but is what I use, running on Jekyll 'cos I like ruby

Jason Garber: I have a command line UI where I give it a title and a URL, and it creates the post's YAML then I edit

Jason Garber: I want to bring this system back onto my main site so I can use markdown which is nicer than HTML to write

Tom Atkins: I use acryl

Tom Atkins: my site is - it's an anagram of Tom Atkins

Tom Atkins: once i've edited it I have a script to deploy it to my site.

Boris Smus: runs a blogging engine I built myself in python.

Boris Smus: I author in markdown with YAML upfront, then run a comandline builder that previews drafts, then posts

Boris Smus: I've been working on a GUI to post things quickly, called Lightning, which creates a draft preview

Boris Smus: it's supposed to post to twitter and G+, do the whole POSSE thing - I'll work on that this weekend

mime čuvalo: my site is, powered by

mime čuvalo: it creates an RSS feed you can follow, and lets me edit posts inline, or make comments

mime čuvalo: I have a Pinterest-like bookmarklet that makes it easy to repost pictures form the web

Michal Stefanow: I'm at - I don't have a good workflow, and too many websites

Michal Stefanow: I want to build something to post to one site and connect it to all these sites - that's what I want to make here

Aaron Parecki: I'm at - it's homegrown, built in PHP called p3k

Aaron Parecki: my posting UI is a separate system from this site that generates these files for me in a web form

Aaron Parecki: I have a twitter preview, then it puts a file on my server, and posts it to twitter via the API

Aaron Parecki: When I display it on my site, it uses WebMentions to connect the comments together, as well as twitter threadind

Aaron Parecki: starting with what was a static site, I as able to incrementally add the UI piece by piece.

Barnaby Walters: I'm at I post everything from my iPad, using a special email address

Barnaby Walters: Here's a vine-style video of you all saying "Yay Indieweb"

Amir Chaudhry: I'm at I am interested in the internet of things and connecting them to sites

Kevin Marks: my site is now due to an accident with DNS

Kevin Marks: As well as on twitter, my notes are at I plan to make microformatted

Julien Genestoux: I'm at subscribing to people's blogs via feeds is too hard now

Julien Genestoux: I made which is a universal follow button in the browser to let me follow without silos

Julien Genestoux: I have a bookmarklet that lets me do this too

Pelle Wessman: I have a lot of social networks and I don't want to show them all on my front page

Pelle Wessman: my site is at My tool uses rel-me links to connect sites

Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson: my site is I have a project pagekite that does a reverse webserver

Brennan Novak: my site is at - I'm making a tool indiewebifyme to make you an indieweb citizen