Indiewebcamp SF

Tantek Çelik:

welcome everyone to indiewebcamp SF - I'm your host, @kylewmahan is too, and @andigalperin will be here too soon

plays Squarespace's superbowl ad "a better web starts with your website" ending with the Indiewebcamp logo

myself @aaronpk, @caseorganic and @crystaldbeasley in 2011 started this in Portland to make our own websites

we're here to hack on our own websites and hope to build something to show off at the end of today

if you're curious what to work on, start with your personal website, and what the next important thing you want to do to it

you will find people here have similar itches about their sites, and may already have things for you to use on yours

we do have a code of conduct - if you have issues contact me, kyle or andi

next we are going to spend 30 minutes for people to show their own websites, what they have working, and what they want to fix

andi galpern:

did we find out who is a deisgner, a developer or whatever?

Tantek Çelik:

I'm tantek, my website is, I post notes, pictures, I like to run, I like sunrises

I post photos to my website, and then share copies to facebook and twitter using

Ryan Barrett:

I'm Ryan Barrett, my website is It's wordpress and does the indieweb stuff. I made

my raison d'être fro being here is interacting with the silos - is the site that sends likes, retweets, etc

granary is a python library that si lower level to let you interatc wiht the silos is kyles site that lets you publish to the silos and that is important too

stats on we have growth in listen, publish and blog webmentions, wiht listen being the biggest

if you are on blogger, tumblr or wordpress you can use bridgy to post webmention to you as comments

we have sent over 250,000 webmentions to about 850 sites

users by silo: twitter is at the top, then facebook, the others have lower growth

whats surprising is that google+ is 3rd - who knew? I worked there for 10 years and wouldn't have known that

we have multiple CMSs - Known wordpress plugins, hosted wordpress and so on

we have POSSE, backfeed, we have readers: woodwind, monocle - mentions, tagging notifications

a lot of great stuff has happened - what should we do next? social graph, recommendations, driving growth

The next big thing we want to work on is using your phone - they have surpassed computers

we can read OK on phones, but posting on your phone is still hard - thats what I'd like to see get built

andi galpern:

I'm curious who's a designer here? 1,2,3,4,5 -we need designers to pair wiht deveolpers to make great things

my site is - I am going to work on creating content for my blog so I can post on my site

my site isn't display how I want ti, and I know I have work to do on it today

Kyle Mahan:

my site is - it has notes, some longer replies - you can see the context I am replying to

it will also show replies below the post as well

if you go to you can see my posting interface

I can person-tag people bases on a nickname cache on my site that autocompletes

Ben Werdmüller:

Hi I'm ben, my site is - I originally built this for myself and that is now

I can post lots of kinds of post and share them out to twitter and other sites

here's a question I asked about mince pies and lots of people replied, including @kevinmarks

I can reply to kevin, and it shows on both our sites, and I can also reply to tweets on my site and share the replies

we're doing this on campuses with and let students see posts campus wide

Bradley Allen:

my site is - I am designer dishwasher by training, I took a few years off to roast coffee

Johannes Ernst:

I'm very interested in making it easy for a broader audience fo this stuff, so I have a UBOS linux install

I can set up a ubos linux container and add Known to it easily, and easily add mediagoblin

networking setup for servers tends to be really complicated; this sets it up easy and quickly with firewall, dns

Benjamin Goering:

I'm ben, my site is - I work at livefyre that does realtime comments

my site is really simple; my notes are statically served - I added questions

my posting interface is creating files in this notes directory on github, and then they get posted

I'm goign to work on a webmention library for my site, then if you need help coding ask me

Aaron Parecki:

I'm Aaron Parecki my current site is - I've been rebuilding it from the ground up

it looks OK, but underneath it is a mess, it does a ton of stuff like what I eat and bikerides

I'm splitting out my site into separate services - is a posting interface is for logging food and drink on my site is a project of mine - you use it to sign into the wiki is my tool for receiving webmention on your behalf and embedding them in your site is a guide to getting on the indieweb and helps you check your site is working OK

my website is in testing - I'm trying to make it better my goal is that this site just displays posts- other tools post

Katie Conforti:

I'm Katie, I'm a deisgner. I moved to the bay area 2 yeras ago and built then when I came here

I want to redo everything as my site is focused on print and I do much mroe coding now


I'm Bryn, my site is I do lots of things including singing opera but I want to learn this too


I'm jesse, and I was likely the first person to run known apart from ben and erin

I imported all my old blogspots into a new known instance from wordpress and livejournal,

the importer doesn't bring in comments, so I might work on that

Judith Mayer:

I'm Judith Mayer, and this is my site (blank screen)

There has been a ruling to allow people to work on sites with congressional staff

I want to set up a site for hack for congress so people can know what data is being used by congressional staff

I'm a non-technical person who wins hackathons


I'm Lacey, I'm a ux designer, I have a site on squarespace which is not woth showing, and I can write sloppy js for you

I am good at validating ideas and testing them


I'm Danny, a sociologist by training, and writing on distinguishing marketing and management encroachment in open source

I am a designer who has worked on print stuff, I have a site at which is basic wp


I have had a personal site sine 2000ish but i have let it languish a bit

I would like to post my physical notebook pages on a page

I post a lot of things on instagram and brign them in via tumblr

Kevin Marks:

Hi, I'm Kevin; my site is . I also use for shorter notes.

I use @kylewmahan's excellent Woodwind reader to post.

I post from Woodwind to reply to Ben's post; the reply shows up on my site, and on Ben's using webmention.

I've built my own tool, , for live-tweeting.

demoing and known

NoterLive is a tool you can use, too, if live-tweeting events appeals to you.

I've also created hovercards that provide a preview for any indie website. It's a small JavaScript library.

If a site doesn't provide microformats markup, hovercards just show a small preview of the site.

Sandro Hawke:

I had a personal site but I gave up in 1997 or so - I work at teh w3c on the social web workiing group


I have a personal site, but it's not up right now - I also work with an art centre and would like to improve their site

just a guy:

I'm amy, my website is broken because apparently december is an edge case in my paging

amy guy:

I post all kinds of things on my site, notes, tweets, likes and bookmarks, reposts

I alos post whenever I follow someone on twitter or an indie site

I receive webmentions through, and get twitter oens through

what i want to do today is build my own webmention receiving

I want to add features and I want the experience of building it myself

Tantek Çelik:

we have 4 session slots, we have clusters of tables for people to collaborate on

propose hack session, what people want to learn about, or what they want to teach

put your session, and your name on a stickie and post ti on the board

Aaron Parecki:

I am happy to lead a session on intro to the indieweb, getting set up from nothing - do it on your sites now

Kyle Mahan:

aaron showed briefly the site - I would love to work on making this better with product and ux people

Aaron Parecki:

on my own website I'm going to try to get automatic posting to facebook and twitter using from my site

Tantek Çelik:

I've been inspired by the work that kyle and ryan have done with person tagging

I still post on instagram and manually post to my site. i want to add person tagging to my posts

andi galpern:

I'ma designer but I also give talks on UK - I want to give you the recipe for clean easy to read beautiful websites

it all comes down to science - there is a way to make your site readable - designing for everybody

Sandro Hawke:

to revive my personal site I would like to do wikipedia info boxes where people can update each others' sites

Ryan Barrett:

we need to work better on phones - we need to do better, and do an offline first app that works when we connect

we want to use silos as plumbing - is an example


I want a session on POSSE - I can't lead this session but I want to learn and explain it

Johannes Ernst:

Ben and Erin and I are trying to make a business of this - I'd like to talk about how we market this too