Homebrew Website Club

Kevin Marks:

Welcome to Homebrew Website Club SF

Who has something they would like to show that they've done with their website in the last 2 weeks? (Or longer if it's new?)

Dan Gillmor:

I'm at http://dangillmor.com/ I've known Kevin for about 15 years I used to be journalist at the Mercury News on tech

I teach at the Cronkite School of journalism at Arizona State, and I still write for Slate. back channel and so on

I'm working on a book about how we can keep control of what we write compared to the centralising tendency

My blog is very simple, but meant to be independent

When I teach journalists, I get them to buy a domain, set up their own hosting and create a blog or website

I want them to have the experience of installing the software on a server and setting up their own things

We normally use Reclaim Hosting, which is set up by former university people for this, and it is $33/year inc domain

I insist they do something new, whether it is their first site. They often have no idea they can do this

Facebook should not be your internet presence. They need to know what is possible


I don't have a live website, I have a few urls but nothing there

I tried setting up a website for my girlfriend's business idea, I got a theme set up but generating content was hard

I've maintained websites, but I haven't built any from scratch

Kevin Marks:

showing how webmentions work with a very simple post http://www.kevinmarks.com/justanote.html to link to

Terri Wong:

I had a personal website, but the domain expired last week - it was a portfolio for my design work

I built it through wordpress.org and maintained it there, but now I'm going to build it from scratch

Now I'm at GoDaddy I should be able to host it here, so I get to do it again

Jeremy Llewellyn:

It's interesting that you both lost content on private sites

Terri Wong:

I do have a copy myself, so I can put it back up again

Jeremy Llewellyn:

The federated wiki is an interesting idea - you can clone the data locally

Kevin Marks:

I've been experimenting with content-hashing as a way of finding sites that have gone away http://svgur.com/dweb

Terri Wong:

would you recommend wordpress or making a static site ?

Kevin Marks:

it depends on your goal if you are focused on writing, wordpress is great; working on design then it makes it harder

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