Homebrew Website Club

Tantek Çelik:

welcome to the homebrew website club, come demo your websites and ask for help with your site

that last 2 days have been the #SocialWG meeting of the w3c on social web standards

@kylewmahan posted about how silo.pub can now post to new silos

tomorrow is San Francisco indiewebcamp http://indiewebcamp.com/2015/SF - come to mozilla tomorrow morning and hack

and we are doing commitments to update our sites by the end of the year, like we did last year

one thing I am trying to get working is person tagging people in posts on my site so that brid.gy will tag them on FB too

I use instagram to post photos which PESOS in via ownyourgram.com so I can POSSE back out to facebook

at first I'm going to have to manually person tag them with their personal urls and their fb and twitter urls

I will probably start with a manual nicknames cache on my site which has their URLs

correction: I am not using ownyourgram - I am manually PESOSing from instagram

Aaron Parecki:

I'm at http://aaronparecki.com/ - I'm based in Portland and this is my first Homebrew SF, though I run the portland one

many months ago I decided to rewrite my website from scratch, which is never a good idea

I'm in progress since April - my 2016 commitment is to finish this website rewrite

my site supports webmention sending and retrieving, it supports micropub and person tagging

what I am trying to do is make every feature of my site a service other people can use too

I am switching to use my other site webmention.io for webmentions on my own site. I recently added a webhook for data

so when webmention.io receives a webmention, I get a well-formed webhook notifying me of the mention

this payload format is jf2 - a simplified json representation of the microformats parsed result

there is a test suite for webmention.io now that passes. I am using this service for my new site

I have infinite scroll without the automation, but a load more link

I hope that these service will be useful for other people too

part of my new site is a nicknames cache so I can look up people that I mention, but they have their own page

I am getting homepage notifications from brid.gy from Kevin's tweets which are showing up on my screen and watch

I am expecting to make this a profile discovery service that other people can use as well

I have a venue on my site so I can say @home as well as the nicknames I use for people

I'm going to be using Quill to post so I will use quill to use the name cache.

I'm trying to not buld things into my site so I end up using these decentralised tools

Kyle Mahan:

this isn't on my site but it will be eventually. A while ago Kevin nerdsniped me into building silo.pub

you can use Quill to post to hosted sites. A week and a half ago I got excited about using it to POSSE to twitter

now I added facebook as well. So it gives me a proxy homepage for facebook so that I can use that with micropub

I have to use the ugly id that facebook gives me because it won't map the human readable name any more

as silo.pub already has authorization, I am only doing authentication this time

the difference between brid,gy publish and silo.pub is that bridgy just reads your site, but doesn't know to remap

ryan has been resisting making brid.gy do more smarts; silo.pub is more simple now, but you have mroe control

Tantek Çelik:

as much as POSSE is our way to federate with silos, you're now using micropub as a federation protocol

Sandro Hawke:

this is not quite federation in the #socialwg way as it is to another account of yours

maybe we need a use case for someone having more than one account on different sites

Kyle Mahan:

I could have 'add a micropub endpoint' so it proxies these for you

Kevin Marks:

Quill could look fro the rel-me links and suggest the silo.pub proxies

Aaron Parecki:

that could be a fun thing to do tomorrow at indiewebcamp

Darius Dunlap:

My goal for the end of the year is to reimplement the square peg foundation website

I'm also planning to revive my food blog too

Kevin Marks:

I built a webmention endpoint at http://mention-tech.appspot.com that will receive webmentions for any site and verify them

if the source verifies it looks for a webmention endpoint in the target and sends it on to that site

I ended up doing this because when I showed @t the site he thought hat was what it did, so I followed user testing