Homebrew Website Club

Eric Nakagawa (ナカガワ):

my url http://xn--oq8hbce1ezj.xn--vi8hiv.ws/ is lingmoji - it has emoji in urls

currently it autogenerates URLs, but we are working on making them custom

I want to build more stuff and just share it and have fun with it

i want to lower the bar to releasing things have less pressure

Katie J:

the problem with developer tools is that have terrible ux - people can't always use command lines

Eric Nakagawa (ナカガワ):

my urls use punicode, which browsers use

Kevin Marks:

I have updated svgur.com so it can share to facebook and twitter as png

so @theguice can upload http://svgur.com/s/2A and it shows up on twitter

Shaun Guice:

I worked on updating my site - I made a lot of wireframes for my portfolio site http://giudici.us and built it

my site is a python flask site wih jinja HTML templates. I also fiexed some bugs with my hcard

Kevin Marks:

the other thing I did was improve hovercards

Suhais Saqib Said:

I have microformats on my site http://bit.ly/susyed

I have some d3.js visualisations on my site. including a review of wearables: http://people.ischool.berkeley.edu/~suhaib/InfoViz_final_project/

Katie J:

I did an extensive data project about the SF city government into a node and edgy graph - the city genome project

having done it for SF, I wrote up how to do it for other cites to do the same kind of thing

it's hard to talk about how to improve something if you can't visualise it - it gives a concept to discuss

the Sf city government looks like a spaceship when you draw money as edges and groups as nodes

Ben Werdmüller:

I've been scraping mp3's lately - we have a way to bookmark podcast episodes and recommend them

the lengths to which people will go to have their mp3's not be scraped by embedding things in the URL to break it

we have decided to look at the context of the mp3 file rather than the contents to make sense of it

podcasts have been growing steadily, but they are still a kind of geeky thing

there are 3 major podcasts about pencils that are really well-produced and very competitive with each other

I've also been dealing with internet explorer bugs, because I have users